Thursday, December 20, 2007

Robbery possible motive in St. Clair slaying

by Courteney Stuart

Robbery was the likely motive in the Thursday night or Friday morning murder of St. Clair Avenue resident, according to her father, James McGowan of Manlius, New York. Jayne Warren McGowan was found shot to death inside the house she had recently rented by two co-workers who had gone to check on her Friday afternoon, after she failed to show up for work at the AIDS/HIV Services Group.

“There’s no question about that,” says McGowan of the robbery. He says Charlottesville police told him and Jayne’s mother, Signe, that in addition to the theft of Jayne’s car, her computer was also taken as well as any cash that may have been in her purse. Earlier this evening, police– a full 24-hours after they first responded– were still sifting through evidence in the house at 807 St. Clair Ave. In front of the house, a police van idled in the driveway behind yellow crime scene tape, and investigators in blue gloves could be seen entering and leaving the house. A bouquet of 13 pink roses lay next to the mailbox.


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